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As per RNS Volunteer Screening Policy - 5.19, as voted on at the RNS AGM by the membership

Screening of personnel and volunteers is an important part of providing a safe environment within sport associations that provide programs and services for youth. Ringette Nova Scotia is responsible to do everything reasonable to provide a safe and secure environment for participants in its programs, activities and events. Ringette Nova Scotia is committed to fulfilling the duty of care it owes its members.

The CARC/CRC forms are due to RNS office December 15th
  Individual volunteers requiring a CARC and / or CRC are encouraged to file these documents with their home association prior to the RNS deadline. For more information on obtaining a CARC/CRC contact Ringette NS Executive Director.

 Criminal Record Checks and Child Abuse Record Check Info:

All team staff for any team with children under the age of 19 will be required to have a criminal record check (including vaulnerable sector check) as well as child abuse record check performed every two years.

Associations should use the following form to submit all of their coaches information related to CRC and CARC to RNS: CRC/CARC Form

Managers Certification Program - Required for all Managers (U14 and up) as of the 2014/15 Season.

This program is taken online through Ringette Canada. CLICK HERE for more information.

Team Registration Form:

For the older divisions (U12 and up) each team is required to fill out the following form and submit to RNS no later than November 1st of the current season or 3 days prior to the start of league play, which ever comes first. Click the link to download a copy of that form: Ringette NS - TRF Form

Membership Notice - Insurance 2014 - 2015 - November 2014
In response the multiple inquires to the office with respect to TRAVEL / SANCTION EVENT forms, Criminal and Child Abuse Checks Policies, and Team Registration Forms (TRF) in relation to insurance coverage, please review the following information.

The supplemental  information on the RNS website outlines in more detail the insurance coverage pertaining to members of Ringette Nova Scotia – members are those individuals'  with registration data on file with RNS in the capacity of PLAYER, COACH, MANAGER via TRF, ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS on file via submitted board list, OFFICIALS (on ice, non TRF registered) via RNS ONLINE Registration, and VOLUNTEERS via The RNS Volunteer Form managed at the Association level. Volunteers include those in support roles with an Association, including on ice helpers.
Liability coverage is provided for all normal Sports and Social Activities administered by RNS and Local Associations. These activities MUST be APPROVED AT THE ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE LEVEL prior to submitting to RNS.
Sport Accident Coverage:
Sport Accident Coverage provides coverage to those who have paid dues and insurance for participating in the Sport of Ringette. Coverage is not provided for an injury while participating in other activities (soccer, running, swimming, etc).
Injury forms (Form 120 – Injury Report and BFL Athlete Form – filing a claim with BFL) are available on the RNS website. The Injury report is due within seven (7) days of an injury. The COMPLETED  BFL form is required to be submitted to RNS, accompanied by the RNS Injury Report form (Form 120) within 30 days of sustaining the injury, in those instances a claim is being filed.

Injury Reports are to be completed by a member of the coaching staff rather than a family member or the individual, sent to the Association Executive, then forwarded to RNS OFFICE.
Injury Forms:

Supplemental Info: