Board of Directors

Communication Protocol

For questions, concerns or general information please follow the protocol below.

Ringette Nova Scotia Board of Directors Minutes


contact your Team Coach or

contact your Club Representative or

- follow your Team communication protocol


- for questions regarding coaching requirements, contact your Association Representative.

*Coaching requirements can also be found HERE

Association Presidents

Contact the Executive Director of Ringette NS or

Ringette NS Board of Directors


- contact your Team Coach or

contact your Association Representative or

follow your Association communication protocol

League Concerns

If you have questions or concerns regarding league play or league issues contact your league or region representative.


Board of Directors Nominations

- To nominate an individual for a position on the Board of Directors, please complete a Nomination Form (Microsoft Word format).  You can find the form here.

May 11 Meeting

June 10 Meeting 

August 6 Meeting

Sept 24 Meeting (BOD)

Sept 24 Meeting (Exec)

SAGM Oct 1

President Planning Mtg Oct 1

October 22 Meeting

November 25 Meeting

January 7 Meeting

February 10 Meeting

March 23 Meeting

April 12 Meeting















Ringette Nova Scotia Board of Directors

Last Updated October 03, 2018




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Job Description


Jody Trethewey

Odd Numbered Years

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Cathy Stothart

Odd Numbered Years

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Director – High Performance

Danielle Cote

Odd Numbered Years

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Director – Coaching


Odd Numbered Years


Director – Marketing and Promotions

Stacey Sloan

Odd Numbered Years


Vice-President – Administration


Even Numbered Years

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Vice-President – Finance


Even Numbered Years

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Director – Athlete Development


Even Numbered Years


Director – Officiating

Bruce Hennebury

Even Numbered Years


Director – Provincials and Tournaments*

Chad Mombourquette

Even Numbered Years

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Central Region Representative





Valley Region Representative





Past President





* formerly Sponsorship and Fundraising