Unsanctioned Events and Insurance

Posted on Feb 1, 2016


In response to questions directed to Ringette Nova Scotia, this is necessary information to share with members to make informed decisions about athletes participating in Unsanctioned Events.

Coaches, players, and families need to be made aware that participation in the Ringette Prospects Invitational Tournament in Kingston Ontario is  NOT sanctioned by Ringette Ontario, Ringette Canada or any other provincial regulatory body (ie RNS or Sport Nova Scotia).

Attendance at all tournaments must be sanctioned to ensure proper certification of coaches, players and officials and to qualify for insurance coverage. Organizers of and participants in unsanctioned events are not properly accountable for compliance with rules and regulations of the sport. This poses a significant risk to Ringette because the members (our players and families), and the public are unlikely to appreciate fully the distinction between unsanctioned and sanctioned. If problems occur in unsanctioned events the reputation of the entire sport will suffer and the integrity of the sport will be undermined.

A team attending any unsanctioned event cannot refer to themselves as "Team Nova Scotia" or any other reference implying that they are officially representing the province. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me,


Jody Trethewey

Interim President

Ringette Nova Scotia