U19 AA Team Nova Scotia

Published Sunday, September 30, 2018

Ringette Nova Scotia would like to congratulate the following athletes on being named to the U19 AA Team:

U19AA Team:

Arielle Aucoin

Caitlin Woodworth

Christina Porter

Emily MacFadyen

Emma Dempsey

Grace Middleton

Hannah Devoe

Ireland Wright

Jamie Spicer

Laura Wilbur

Lauren Chiasson

Maeve Nagel

Michaela Hammond

Myah Reid

Natalie Berry

Sara Leslie

Sarah Miller

We are excited to announce that this season we will have co-head coaches oversee this programming; Taylor Dempsey and Kirsti Mason.

Please refrain from contacting any coaches or fellow athletes for 24 hours. If athletes have any questions or are interested in receiving feedback regarding their evaluations, please e-mail a Nova Scotia HPRP representative at:highperformanceprograms@gmail.com after 24 hours of this posting.

Thank-you again to all athletes who participated in the HPRP tryouts. We wish you the best of luck this season! Please feel free to provide feedback regarding the format of the first Nova Scotia HPRP tryouts.

The Nova Scotia High Performance Ringette Program