Minor Officials

One of the best ways to find more Shot Clock and Timekeeper volunteers is to teach them how to do it. At the beginning of the season run a "training session" for parents during a practice. Have someone who is proficient with the shot clock and scoreclock teach everyone how, and then give them the chance to practice on their own during the practice. It's a good way to teach everyone and once they know how they tend to be more comfortable "volunteering" to do it. 

Time Keepers: Reponsible for starting and stopping the time clock during the game, recording goals scored and posting penalties as indicated by the referees.

Training Module/Presentation for Time and Scorekeepers - 2017-18 Season Link: 
Penalty Box Officials: Opening and closing the gate for players during a penalty.
 Shot Clock Officials: The shot clock official will work with the referee to run the shot clock as per Ringette Canada rules. View Ringette Canada's SHOT CLOCK RULES to find out the guidelines. 
Training Module/Presentation for Shot Clock Operators - 2017/18 Season Link: