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Rules and Terminology:

To request further On-Ice Officials resources from Ringette Nova Scotia, please click here.

The Level 1 Clinic is for individuals who do not currently hold any NOCP certification and are interested in becoming involved as a ringette official for the first time.

If you selected 'mail-in' payment, your $75 cheque made payable to Ringette Nova Scotia, must indicate name of participant, and be received within 2 days of the clinic to:
Ringette Nova Scotia, 4th floor 5516 Spring Garden Rd., Halifax B3J 1G6

The Level 1 Officiating Clinic instructor will not accept payments. All mail in/drop off payments must be sent directly to Ringette Nova Scotia and must be received before the clinic date. Please do not mail cash.


Buzz at the front door for access to the building. 
After you register:
go to the RC website
click on OFFICIALS in the header line – this will direct you to the officials section
click on the register button
fill out all the lines of information and click “CONTINUE”
this will take you to the course pre-clinic for level 1
Click on the Level 1 Pre-clinic and it will direct you to the pre-clinic viewer